Let Me Write You a Story

Do you have a fantasy you want to see turned into a story? 

Please fill out the form below using this format.

1. Idea: Basic plot. Who? Where? Why?

2. Kinks: What kind of scenes do you want? Oral? Anal? Cum? On the face, on back, inside? Race play? Is the whole piece a tease or will it lead to a finish? List a few and I'll try to fit in as many as I can.

3. Length: Must be in sets of 1000. This will depend on how detailed you want me to be, how many sexual acts. On average my stories are 2000 words and they contain teasing, build up, oral, and sex to completion. 1000 will be short and quick. 3000 will get your extra scenes. And if you really want to build things up, 4000 and higher will explore your fantasies further.

My current price is $0.075 per word, $75 per 1000 words for two interacting characters. If you want more characters, we'll have to talk.

$40 fee if you want your story private. Otherwise, it will be posted on my subreddit and/or included in my published collections.

How long it takes me to finish will depend on a variety of personal factors. But generally, it should be no more than two weeks.

We will discuss the topic and length until we've both agreed. If I go over the agreed word count, there will be no extra charge. That just means I really enjoyed your fantasy. ♥

I do require artistic liberties. I'll try to hit as many of your desired elements as I can, but if I can't enjoy myself and let the words flow, the story won't be the best it can be.

You can share your story wherever you'd like, just link back to my subreddit. I retain the rights and I'll be posting it here and will be naming you as the commissioner.

Payment must be made in full via Kofi once we've agreed to the terms and the estimated time needed to write the piece.

100% refund if I cannot finish within the agreed time.

First come, first serve. I'll pen you into my calendar in the order I receive you.

A list of things that I'm into:

Cock worship, ass worship, squirting, breeding, butt sex, race play, public play, submission, pseudo incest, intimacy, romantic, watersports

What I will absolutely not do:

gore, scat, underage, nonconsent